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Travel the World or Work from Home.
Unite Cultures and make an Impact!

Gain access to great teaching opportunities by getting trained to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) with the pioneer program that's been at it since 2005. 


Earn one of the most reputable, and exclusive credentials for teaching English as a second language, allowing you to travel the world or teach from the comfort of home.

In a short period of time and at competitive prices, you will be on your way to impacting the lives of people across the globe.

Gain authentic experience by completing required teaching practicum in our live online ESL classrooms.




When considering a program to choose from, we know there are some basic questions that people want answered (hey, we were there ourselves at one time).  So to make it easy for you:


What would I be getting? - you would be receiving the highest quality training in the field of TESOL/TEFL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages / Teaching English as a Foreign Language).  In addition to the theory part of the different coursework, our programs require teaching practicum to graduate. Participants have the option of being placed directly in our live online-classrooms to fulfill practicum.  The best way to become confident in your skills is through actual experience and practice!

Is the program recognized? - Absolutely.  In a unique situation, our TEFL certificate programs are reviewed for quality by TESOL International Association and meet their gold standard for quality. This helps prospective participants know they are pursuing truly high-quality training that is also recognized by employers across the globe.  

Is the program expensive? - While the cost varies depending on which program you take, our course prices are among the lowest available (both US and international). No, you won't find a Groupon for taking any of the courses for less than $15, but why spend money on an illegitimate program that 1) doesn't train you to be as successful as you can be, and 2) probably isn't recognized by serious employers. 

What are my job prospects if I take this program? - High! Because Promise Opens Doors works with a growing number of employer partners, we are a great pipeline for our graduates to get trained and find a job shortly after graduation.  Our Career Center provides continuous HR support for graduates.

Can it be trusted? - While we have been teaching EFL students since 2005, we are relatively new to the certificate program field (after years of preparation, our TEFL Certificate for online teaching  was launched in November 2018).  That said, we have a small but growing list of graduates who are pleased with their experience. 




Our TEFL Certificate Programs for Online and In-person Teaching are designed for current or prospective teachers and administrators, worldwide, who have little to no formal instruction in English Language Teaching (ELT).


Depending on which certificate is being pursued, participants will focus on teaching either young learners or young adults in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) environments.  This means teaching students outside the US, or in an online program.