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Non-US or Canada Option for TESOL/TEFL Certificate for Online Teaching

For applicants living outside of the USA or Canada who wish to pursue the 60-hour TESOL/TEFL Certificate for Online Teaching, they can do so at a discounted rate of $200.  

However, these participants (should they be accepted into the program), will bear the responsibility of completing their 15-hour practicum outside of Promise Opens Doors online classrooms. 

The reason for this is due to a quality measure Promise Opens Doors provides to its EFL students in which all teachers working in our classrooms must pass a background check.  

Since background screening cannot be processed on applicants living outside the USA or Canada, they must complete the teaching practicum requirement elsewhere.  

Promise Opens Doors will provide assistance to applicants by connecting them to partner companies who can provide practicum opportunities. 


TESOL/TEFL Certificate for Online Teaching

Non-US or Canada citizens

The TESOL Certificate Program for Online Teaching prepares teachers to work from the comforts of a home/mobile office.​​

60 hours in 1-4 months. 



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