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What can I do with a TESOL Certificate?

Here you are, visiting the Promise Opens Doors TESOL Core Certificate Program website, and you might be thinking, "Why do I even need a TESOL Certificate? What is the purpose? What can I do with a TESOL Certificate?"

For starters, it is important to note that teaching English to ESL/EFL learners is an important and growing profession. Online and on-location schools and companies around the world are currently hiring numerous English language instructors and tutors--the opportunities are truly endless.

"But, if I'm a native English speaker, can't I just teach English with my bachelor's degree?"

Many years ago, the answer would be "Yes." If you were a native speaker with a bachelor's degree in any related field, you could find a job almost anywhere in the world. But TODAY, some things have changed--competition for English language teaching jobs around the world has increased. Applicants that have additional English language instruction training are seen as a valuable assets, and more often than not, employers are looking for that TESOL Core Certificate.

That's where we come in. Promise Opens Doors is the first licensee to provide the TESOL International Association Core Certificate Program--and we are excited to extend this opportunity to you!

Once you have completed your TESOL Core Certificate, you will have numerous opportunities throughout the United States, around the world, and online to teach English. Imagine the experiences, the various classrooms, the global travel, or even the comforts of teaching from home through an online cyber-classroom. Teaching English is an amazing opportunity, and the TESOL Core Certificate is the key to unlocking your future! Apply today!

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