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Promise Opens Doors Launches 120-Hour TEFL Certificate Program

We at Promise Opens Doors are excited to announce the launch of our 120-Hour Comprehensive TEFL Certificate Program for In-Person and Online Teaching. This program has been rigorously designed and constructed by a hand-selected team of TEFL experts to provide premium quality training at a high value, making it both affordable and suitable for pre-service and practicing teachers around the world. It is the only TEFL certificate program to have been reviewed and approved for quality by TESOL International Association, the gold standard for TESOL training in North America. With this, our certificate stands out among others as a highly-recognized credential by employers around the world.

Our asynchronous, fully-online, 120-hour program is uniquely hands-on and interactive, with highly illustrated and dynamic lessons, individualized assignments, and frequent instructor feedback. Participants complete each of the twelve coursework modules with a set of new vital teaching skills, productions for their teaching portfolio, and a summative graphic organizer covering key concepts from each module. Halfway through the program, our human resource department reaches out to the participant to begin the process of employment assistance, which continues beyond graduation. Finally, at the end of the coursework, participants complete a guided twenty-hour practicum with monitoring and coaching from an expert master instructor.

This program must be completed within six months of enrollment, calling for a time commitment of about five hours per week. However, for those who study on a full-time basis, the coursework may be completed in a matter of weeks. While most premium TESOL training programs are priced in the thousands, the asynchronous and highly-scaffolded, student-focused nature of our program allows for more affordable pricing, with tuition at 500 USD. Pricing may be further reduced depending on the location of the applicant as well as the arrangements for self-arranged practicum or group enrollment. Read more about program requirements or apply now by visiting here or emailing


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