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Free Trial for the TESOL/TEFL Certificate Program for Online Teaching

Promise Opens Doors is offering a one-week free trial for the TESOL/TEFL Certificate Program for Online Teaching!

This free trial showcases the caliber of training provided in Promise’s program. While there are many TESOL certificate programs available online, there are very few intended specifically for online teaching; and among them, the TESOL/TEFL Certificate Program for Online Teaching stands alone in its high quality and value. This free trial provides a window into the topics that are covered and the way that the learning objectives are met. It demonstrates how learning is assessed in such a way as to be at once meaningful, personalized, engaging, and affordable for trainees.

The free trial is composed of sample material from the full course. To provide a one-week version of the program, most of the resources and activities have been removed and reduced to a list of topics, which are presented near the beginning of each module. From there each module progress to a sample portion for one main topic, including resources, activities, and personalized assessments.

In the full program, there are several graphic organizers guiding short-answer assessments. For the free trial, trainees complete a Free Trial Chart, compiling samples of each of these full charts. This Free Trial Chart is uploaded and checked for completion by the assistant instructor, who provides feedback and a completion mark. Free Trial Chart entries can be copied over to the section charts as trainees go through the full program.

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