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2017 Year in Review

Happy Holidays from all of us at Promise Opens Doors! We want to express our gratitude for the participants and team members who have contributed to our program this past year. It is a blessing to serve aspiring teachers and learners of English, and the blessing is multiplied with good people at our side.

For us, 2017 was a year of new directions and exciting connections. After signing a licensing agreement with TESOL International Association in 2016, we began partnering with colleges and educators to reach teacher candidates. This year, we reached out to thousands of colleges around the country and established some great partnerships. Going into the new year, we’ve laid a strong foundation and are looking forward to further growth in the coming months.

For us, 2017 was also a year of creative collaboration and cooperation. As we continued our long-time service of training English teachers and providing online English courses around the world, we met each week in late-night online conference rooms and shared news of our roles in the TESOL certificate program. Together we forged the outlook and mission of this new branch of our organization. We worked together to create a diverse marketing landscape, to find funding to support our program participants, and to discover ways of diversifying our programs to meet the needs of aspiring teachers. Going into the new year, we are developing new training programs to give diverse groups of teachers exactly what they need in preparation for the ESL classroom. We are fired up about our programs and thankful for the opportunity to continue training teachers of English.

Above all, 2017 was a year of giving our best, trusting the process, and believing in each other. We don’t know what the new year will bring, but we are excited and hopeful for the work we will do together. As this year comes to a close, we wish you all prosperity, adventure, and health in 2018. Thank you again and Happy New Year from Promise Opens Doors!

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