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Tuition-Free Seats Available in Promise’s Certificate Program for Online Teaching

After more than fourteen years of hiring and training online teachers, online TESOL pioneer Promise Opens Doors has launched a comprehensive, asynchronous, fully-online training program catered specifically to this field. As part of the introductory event, Promise has opened the door for a limited number of trainees to join the program tuition-free. Twenty-five slots remain, and the opportunity is available only until March 15.

Promise’s TESOL/TEFL Certificate Program for Online Teaching meets the requirement for those who need a TESOL/TEFL certificate to get hired with an online teaching company, for teachers looking to get equipped for a freelance online teaching career, or for current online teachers working to ensure success for their students, as well as professional and financial success for themselves.

Promise’s program is recognized by well-known online teaching companies such as VIPkid and italki, sponsored by Athena University (Seattle), and accredited by OTTSA, the same organization that accredits other major certificate providers such as ITTT and MyTEFL.

While there are many TESOL/TEFL certificate programs, most are intended to prepare trainees for teaching abroad in brick and mortar classrooms, rather than preparing them to teach in the online space. Additionally, many take the form of hands-off lecture series without reflection, evaluation, or meaningful practice. Promise’s training program is scrupulously designed to guide trainees through critical reflection on course learning and the creation of an individualized toolkit to utilize in the online classroom.

There are ten modules in the coursework:

1.Historical SLA Approaches and Methods

2. Contemporary SLA Approaches and Methods

3. Online Activities for Receptive Language Skills

4. Online Activities for Productive Language Skills

5. Online Classroom Management and Student Engagement

6. Lesson Planning & Assessment in the Online Classroom

7. Hardware, Internet, and Meeting Platform Technology for Online Teaching

8. Whiteboards, Storage, and Troubleshooting Technology for Online Teaching

9. Getting Started in Your Online TESOL Career

10. Ensuring Success in Your Online TESOL Career

Partway through the coursework Promise’s Career Center begins working with trainees to help them get moving in their ideal career direction. The coursework is followed by observation and evaluation of several online lessons, in which the trainees apply what they’ve learned in the coursework to identify and evaluate the classroom procedures used in the lessons.

The 60-hour program brings course learning to life as trainees perform their teaching practice with students in our online EFL classrooms. Well-informed, authentic experience is unquestionably the most effective way to learn the craft of teaching. At the beginning of the teaching practice, the master teacher helps the trainee identify goals for improvement and monitors the trainee’s development through a reflective teaching practice, including several stages of formative assessment.

Trainees complete the program with a rich and thorough portfolio of resources, plans, and tools to keep at hand as they begin or continue teaching, equipped for professional and financial success in this rewarding field.

We invite and encourage you to apply today for Promise's TESOL/TEFL Certificate Program for Online Teaching

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